From Inner Mongolia to Tibet, Sustainability in China


background of the talker: Ada Liu grew up in a small city in Inner Mongolia, China. After college, she came to the United States to pursue her Master’s Degree in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts. She has traveled to many places throughout the world and has tasted all kinds of delicious foods. Her favorite place is Tibet. She is passionate about sustainable development and fascinated with alternative energy. She aspires to one day become a liaison in these fields between China and the United States. She is currently assisting Houston Technology Center with various energy acceleration projects. In her spare time, she loves traveling, photography and reflection. She believes that life is a continuous process of learning and growth.


in this video, she talks about how her hometown in inner mongolia used to be one of the 10 clenest city in china, and now the environment has gone bad. she think china are so focused on the economic development for the past 3 decades and did not realize that we are steal the environment away from future generation.


I am agree with her, it tooks time to reshape people’s thoughts and behaviors. and if we are successfully doing so, the environment in china will be better.

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