Price of Beauty

How much does it cost to have well-moisturized skin? A bar of Dove soap costs US$ 1.50 and sometimes less if you buy bulk. Every bar contains a third of moisturizer, so your skin will be smooth, healthy and radiant.

Enough with product placement, let’s get real. Please spend a couple of minutes to look at the video and rethink about how much the bar soap cost us.

It is horrifying to see that this is happening in my own backyard and I am not aware of it. Dove portrays itself as Corporate Social Responsibility, promoting self-esteem and a healthy view of beauty amongst women. However, is that enough to be responsible when in fact the very essence of the product is deteriorating our critically ill environment?

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One comment on “Price of Beauty
  1. drmoran82 says:

    In class we discussed about how people and corporations promote themselves as “sustainable” by investing heavily in CSR without really bothering to develop a business model that is sustainable and that makes a sound use of resources… However, as in Dove’s case, most of us, do not know about the impact that producing such products have in the environment. I think that as companies become more transparent about key sustainability indicators, we as consumers will be able to hold corporations accountable.

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