One Solution

As professor Jeremy B. Williams described in class yesterday, consumers must take control of their own destinies and support or boycott certain companies based on their environmental track records. Although this sounds like a great solution, it’s very difficult to keep track of every company’s actions. That’s why when I came across the “Buycott” app, today on Facebook, I had to spread the word.

The is how the app works. Whenever you buy a product from a company you’re unfamiliar with, you can get all the information you need by simply scanning the barcode.  You will be given a summary of the company’s track record as well as an indication of whether the company’s actions contravene the requirements you selected. The Buycott app has a section devoted to the environment, where you can, for example, choose to buy products that will safeguard the bee population or avoid buying products that support deforestation.

Here’s a quick video that describes how the app works: 

So there you have it. Buycott has now simplified the way we support and boycott companies according to our principles. But what do you think? Will this type of technology take off in mainstream society? Would you install this app? If you had to buy a slightly more expensive product to support your cause, would you? I don’t know about you, but I already installed the app and set my preferences.

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One comment on “One Solution
  1. kstokely2014 says:

    I think this is an interesting application but I feel that it is missing a critical component. While its great that it is helping consumers make a more informed decision, in the event that a product/company they are looking at is bad for the environment, in order to actually convince people not to buy it and instead buy another more sustainable solution, I think that app should suggest what product would be better and potentially even what stores would carry this other product.

    Many people are lazy; they may make the small effort or scanning the item to inform their decision but without fast and acceptable alternatives they will still probably end up buying the original item.

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