Presentation – Sustainable Enterprise Vs. CSR

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One comment on “Presentation – Sustainable Enterprise Vs. CSR
  1. paulm7914 says:

    Just to elaborate on some of the concluding remarks following our presentation. There has been a shift from CSR to Sustainable Enterprise (SE) not only in the sense of business realising that not investing early in solutions is no longer a sustainable option, having SE must be a core principle, but from the aspect of the term SE itself…..

    The term CSR as dicussed this afternoon (ethical, unethical debate) has baggage associated with it. The danger today is that we associate companies or organisations who promote CSR as not doing enough or just enough, where in fact they may actually be investing and praticing sustainable enterprising under the ‘old’ banner of CSR.

    Our task was to raise awareness of this term Sustainable Enterprise to replace CSR in our day to day operations (if applicable) and not be quick in our judgement of companies just because they may reference and use the term CSR, when (on further examination) these companies and organistations may actually be talking (and practising) Sustainable Enterprise.

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