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PETS – THEY’RE KILLING US – a last rant

Can I please have some comment on the impact of domestic pets. I took the ecological footprint – came in at 4.2 planets (sad to say – but flyings bad), but there was no impact given to domestic pets –

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A smallstep for your lawn, a big step for Las Vegas.

The industry is not always the main culprit in droughts: check out this video, and you will see your backyard choices are important. It is probably a proof that a sustainable developpement era is coming to the US!

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I give you the link if you are interested in the VEJA company and its sustainable development policy, and also if you want to buy sneackers !!

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Eco vandals trash neighboor’s Hummer SUV!!!

you thought your neigbor wouldn’t approve your choice of car, but this tops it! check the following video of a vandalised hummer….. pretty funny!

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Interesting concept: “la théorie de la décroissance” :

I have spent several hours trying to find the english expression of this recent concept, which is called in France la théorie de la décroissance. So, as I think it’s a really interesting theory, I’m gonna try to explain it

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