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Smartphones and Sustainability

I’d seen a fairly old YouTube video (from 2010 …… yes ancient news!) highlighting the issues with the raw materials needed to make smartphones, namely Coltan. And….., so what…… where are you going with this?, you may ask………. Well, while doing research

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The Sustainability Debate

What follows is a somewhat lengthy, but extremely interesting, debate panel on sustainability. Representatives from major American corporations get together to discuss sustainability and the role their companies are playing in it. Recently, sustainability debates have popped up in many places; from reputable newspapers

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The Global Reporting Initiative

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South African companies’ sustainability and the King 3 Report

The King Report issued by the South African King Committee on Corporate Governance. There are three version of the report, namely King I (1994), King II (2002) and King III (2009). These compliance reports are mandatory for all companies operating

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Elon Musk (Tesla): Sustainability Savant or Economic Genius…why not both?

Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors Inc has repeatedly stated that he wants ‘everyone to be driving an electric car’ both on his blog but also in press conferences. He feels that “the overarching purpose of Tesla Motors is to help

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The road to sustainable entreprise

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The role of Leadership in Sustainability

Although the importance of sustainability has been presented by many researches, how to implement this concept into practice is still a problem. The sustainability relates with all section of business,  but the core capital of business is human capital. Therefore,

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