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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The road to sustainable entreprise

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Global Sustainability: “We need to work hard to make it less bad”

Professor Jeremy B William started off our Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantage course by stating “Now [after years of abusing our planet], we need to work hard to make it less bad, there is no longer an option of making things comfortable”. While this sounds rather

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A Litre of Light – making a solar light bulb from a PET bottle

This is an effective and cheap way some people are lighting their houses using recycled PET bottles, some water and a little bit of bleach. Imagine what this can do for people that cannot afford, or simply do not have

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The Governmental Role in Global Affairs

At one point in time, all people question the actions of their government; this in itself is not a surprise.  It is for this reason that the concept of majority rule was “invented”.  Going beyond the political aspect of this

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CSR and Ecological Sustainability – the right way

Emerging markets such as China, Korea and India are increasing in their overall income level and therefore capacity to own a car. With this increase comes a higher level of fuel consumption and in overpopulated countries there has been subsequent

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