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The Sustainability Debate

What follows is a somewhat lengthy, but extremely interesting, debate panel on sustainability. Representatives from major American corporations get together to discuss sustainability and the role their companies are playing in it. Recently, sustainability debates have popped up in many places; from reputable newspapers

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Global Sustainability: “We need to work hard to make it less bad”

Professor Jeremy B William started off our Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantage course by stating “Now [after years of abusing our planet], we need to work hard to make it less bad, there is no longer an option of making things comfortable”. While this sounds rather

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man versus mother (nature)

Where would you rather get your water from? Are water treatment plants really a better alternative to what we had? Man made water Mother Nature made water What’s your choice

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Is China Colonizing Africa?

Today Reuters published an update on China-Africa strategic partnership as President Hu addressed the opening ceremony of Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing. President Hu called China the “good brother” of Africa and offered

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Earth Debt

‘Antique Sunlight’, a term lifted directly from my recent viewing of the 11th hour resonated with me more than any other concept in Leonardo Di Caprio’s ecological wake up plea. We, as a race, are cashing in on previous generations

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