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The Sustainability Inequality

  Although this topic was quickly glossed over near the end of our class in day 1 (July 21), I was intrigued by the dichotomy of sustainability between the rich and poor. Prior to any research  conducted, I’ve always had

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What’s Wrong with GDP?

  Korea’s National Strategy for Green Growth is an example of a step towards sustainability on a country-wide level.    

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The Notion of Shared Value to Solve Our Sustainability Problems

Our discussion in class today touched on the role of business and government in addressing the issue of climate change. In this TED talk, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter identifies the fundamental problem with the way that we are

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The Governmental Role in Global Affairs

At one point in time, all people question the actions of their government; this in itself is not a surprise.  It is for this reason that the concept of majority rule was “invented”.  Going beyond the political aspect of this

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Hydrogen cars: tomorrow’s reality

Carbon emissions cause a threat to our planet. They do not only poison our air, they also increase the greenhouse effect. So if we want  our future generation to be able to breath freely we should address this problem. In

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