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Smartphones and Sustainability

I’d seen a fairly old YouTube video (from 2010 …… yes ancient news!) highlighting the issues with the raw materials needed to make smartphones, namely Coltan. And….., so what…… where are you going with this?, you may ask………. Well, while doing research

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The Sustainability Debate

What follows is a somewhat lengthy, but extremely interesting, debate panel on sustainability. Representatives from major American corporations get together to discuss sustainability and the role their companies are playing in it. Recently, sustainability debates have popped up in many places; from reputable newspapers

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The road to sustainable entreprise

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How frugal engineering can lead to sustainable development

Frugal engineering or frugal innovation, a term first coined by Carlos Ghosn can be a manner in which firms are able to gain competitive advantage, especially when it comes to operating in developing markets. Large multinationals such as General Electric with

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Shifting Attitudes Among American Investors

So far, our class has placed an emphasis on climate change and it’s impacts on the economy and society at large. We have discussed how sustainable development is a critical factor in the mitigation of these environmental changes. It appears as

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What’s Wrong with GDP?

  Korea’s National Strategy for Green Growth is an example of a step towards sustainability on a country-wide level.    

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SDCA 2013

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