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The Sustainability Debate

What follows is a somewhat lengthy, but extremely interesting, debate panel on sustainability. Representatives from major American corporations get together to discuss sustainability and the role their companies are playing in it. Recently, sustainability debates have popped up in many places; from reputable newspapers

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man versus mother (nature)

Where would you rather get your water from? Are water treatment plants really a better alternative to what we had? Man made water Mother Nature made water What’s your choice

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Some Important Facts about Water

This is a FAO video explaining the global issues about water : Poor drinking water quality or its scarcity is the first cause of mortality in the world;that kills 2.2 million of people per year

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Melbourne, and much of Australia, has experienced serious to critical water shortages in its recent history.  Most states experienced water restrictions in the past five years ranging from stage one up to a critical stage 7 in some parts of

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Is China Colonizing Africa?

Today Reuters published an update on China-Africa strategic partnership as President Hu addressed the opening ceremony of Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing. President Hu called China the “good brother” of Africa and offered

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