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Heart of Borneo

Heart of Borneo is an initiative taken by three countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam – to preserve 22 million ha (220,000 km2) of rainforest as natural capital.  Borneo is one of the most diverse ecologies in the world

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Ethanol Fuels – Conceptually correct, practically flawed…

Ethanol, for those that are unaware, is pure alcohol that can be derived through a number of processes and a number of primary sources. The one that I will be focusing on today is the most common source used in

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Is state intervention in agriculture processes a necessity?

Justification of state intervention in the agricultural sector. Traditionally, agriculture is seen as a means of production. Its value is assessed in terms of the value of farm products. Similar to how a country’s value is measured in GDP. However, there

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The Rural Environmental Protection Scheme (REPS) was introduced in Ireland as a result of an EU directive to encourage farmers to farm in an environmentally friendly way and to try to reverse the emphasis on intensive farming practices encouraged by

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