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Friday Funnies

Thought it might be good to end the week with some amusing, yet serious clips from the Colbert Report and the Daily Show with John Stewart, two of my favourite news based shows from Comedy Central. Here is Stephen Colbert

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The Celebrity Spokesperson

While Al Gore is understandably lonely within his club of Academy Award winning, ex-Vice President, Harvard- educated, climate change experts…I was interested to see who else might be on his speaking tour. Jeremy’s Powerpoint slides make reference to Ray Anderson,

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Al Gore’s movie – “An Inconvenient Truth”

This is a great “eye opening” movie that identifies some of the major issues facing human existence and sustainability on this planet! Al Gore is noble and does a great job in promoting awareness of the global issues at hand.

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Global warming ?? No …

A famous french scientist Claude Allègre wrote in September 2006 an article that lead to a big controversy in France. He was, 20 years ago, one of the first scientists who started to worry about CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

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Australia & Kyoto – we’re not that bad…plus Al Gore.

Given Australia actually gets to enjoy an increase in CO2 emmissions to 108%, thought i should find out some more facts to share – as if we are not party to the Kyoto treaty, why have any target? To confirm,

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