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Melbourne, and much of Australia, has experienced serious to critical water shortages in its recent history.  Most states experienced water restrictions in the past five years ranging from stage one up to a critical stage 7 in some parts of

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Drought & global concern

Dear everyone, Good evening. As we studied today, Australia has been suffering from the long-lasting severe drought. Actually, I stayed in Brisbene for one month in 2003. I remember that there was the issue of water, but I did not

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Australia & Kyoto – we’re not that bad…plus Al Gore.

Given Australia actually gets to enjoy an increase in CO2 emmissions to 108%, thought i should find out some more facts to share – as if we are not party to the Kyoto treaty, why have any target? To confirm,

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Climate change increases risk of megafires The effect of bush fires on any society is often quite severe, and could definately be seen as a contributor to pollution and greenhouse gas production I thought I would pass on a couple of interesting observation on bush

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Competitive Advantage – Govt Intervention and the Tuna Industry

Leading on from class, and the exchange between myself and Rene, i thought i should share the story of the Tuna Industry in Australia and just how much better off they are with the introduction of a quota system that

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Litter prevention program and recycling

We have been talking about recycling as an efficient and quite easy way of solving the environmental problem and specially the waste problem. By recycling, our waste is being reused again, so it could be said that “no waste” is

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Kyoto’s Protocol

While we where doing our study case about «Droughts in Australia », I founded some information that said that Australia along with the United States refuses to sign Kyoto’s Protocol, and it fills me with a big curiosity of “why?”.

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