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Bio-fuels and Natural Capital Depletion

Many Latin American countries have well established bio-fuel industries for the past thirty years. They have been using first generation bio-fuel crops such as Soybeans and Palm Oil. Soybeans are dominant bio-fuel crop produced in these countries. The large-scale Soya

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Bioproducts – current sunlight replacing ancient sunlight

The movie 11th Hour talks about the use of ancient sunlight such as fossil fuels as an unsustainable practice. So in order to become sustainable, we need to switch from reliance on ancient sunlight to current sunlight. Bioproducts are one

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Watch “Fueling change”

I just wanted to make a recommendation for a film to watch. The title is “Fueling change” and it will be shown on CNN next week. I saw the preview yesterday and I think it will be worth to watch

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Innovative recycling

Mc Donalds which is fondly or not so fondly known by most of us, is interestingly on a mission to contribute to sustainable development in (Other than the contribution its making to the growing obese population – E.g: Australia, U.S).

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Alternative Fuel used in Canada: Ethanol

As introduced today by the Canada team, our country is amazingly rich in natural resources. One of its principal is the oil sands and heavy oil resources (petroleum) present in the Province of Alberta and Saskatchewan. In order to use

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