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Sustainable Transportation in Canadian Cities

I live in Ottawa Canada where a public bike sharing system and segregated bike lanes in the downtown core were finally introduced last year, some thirty years after these concepts became the norm in Denmark. While these initiatives do provide a healthier/greener transportation

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Environmental Impact Assessment of Countries

In our course today we were asked to investigate India’s position in terms of its Ecological Economic Efficiency.  In our research, we stumbled across this recent article put forward by a joint contribution of Harvard, Princeton, Adelaide University and University

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Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

Here is another way that the Govt. of Canada has tried to support Sustainable Development. This is through the creation of a not-for-profit foundation which plays the role of a catalyst in building “the capacity of Canadian clean-technology entrepreneurs, helping

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Canada’s Green Plan – A Drop in the Tar Sands?

From a general perspective, Canadians are beginning to question their carbon footprint and embrace the principles of recycling. While much progress remains to be done, the level of awareness is slowly rising.   Today’s parents are thinking about the world

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Sustainable Home Construction

We have talked a lot about reducing car emissions.. but what about homes? According to Natural Resources Canada, “housing” accounts for 16% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.  With this in mind a Crown corporation called Canada Mortgage and

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Is Canada Changing?

Canada’s contribution to reduce gas emissions has not been the best one yet. But is Canada trying to change now and correct its track on gas emissions? Every political party now in Canada is trying to propose a bill on

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Turning Water into Oil

This Dilbert comic exaggerates the absurdity of some people when it comes to obtaining sources of energy. Dilbert’s boss couldn’t be serious about wanting to turn water into oil. As Dilbert points out, it would turn the world into an

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