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Cannabis as the Ultimate UK green machine!!!

The Uk government is about to spend more than £500,000 in an attempt to develop the world’s first recyclable vehicle made from hemp in collaboration with Ford and Hemcore, which grows plants closely related to the ones that produce cannabis.

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“EU stumbles on the low-carbon road” BBC News

In the BBC News today, I’ve read that that the European Commission was supposed to announce a major step this week in fighting CO2 emissions. The European Commission wanted to regulate the automobile industry that makes up more than 1/5

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Car emissions taxed in Finland

There was an article on Finland’s main commercial news channel yesterday that drew my attention. It was about tax on cars changing dramatically by 2009 in Finland. Currently there are huge taxes on cars when you buy them, but this

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Lessons from India

Although I will not contradict the evident fact that India has become and now is an ecological disaster, I would like to share some optimistic views about the improvement that the country is currently doing. First, I would like to

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