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Is China Colonizing Africa?

Today Reuters published an update on China-Africa strategic partnership as President Hu addressed the opening ceremony of Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing. President Hu called China the “good brother” of Africa and offered

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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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What really matters: How Asia builds its cities

I hesitate to post an article that makes the obvious point that “China is the future” but this article raises an very interesting point: The design of the new cities being built in Asia will determine how sustainable the world

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Happiness Index in China

Following our presentation pls see below an extract from the English version of People’s Daily on-line. China introduces “happiness index” into regional development evaluation system A new economic index, that goes beyond reporting reams of hard industrial data, is emerging

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A government initiative that could be effective

Following is a news that I got this very morning : China promises solar power subsidies in effort to develop clean energy industry In light of yesterday’s discussion where Jian was proposing government’s deep pocket could be effective to

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Manufactured Landscape

Thinking of sustainable development, I recall an exhibit of a famous canadian photographer.  Edward Burtynsky, did an exhibit entitled “manufactured landscape” focussing particularly on China.  This one in particular is very powerful of the coal in Tanggu port.  Very troubling in the

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Global Food Supply

In this article in MacLean’s Magazine the problem of SD is nicely tied in with the current problems in global food supply. It talks about a couple of (interrelated) issues: 1. An increasing demand for oil – we’re all aware that this

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