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Reducing GHGs is not = reducing air pollution

With everyone jumping on the climate change ban-wagon, there seems to be a misconception out there with regards to efforts to reduce GHG (with contribute to climate change) and air pollution (which are different gases emitted or formed in the atmosphere). 

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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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In praise of carbon dioxide – Increase of Gross Primary Production and Net Primary Production

Another interesting article relating to global warming.  This is from a 7 June 08 article, by Lawrence Solomon, executive director of Energy Probe.  [Note: GPP measures the amount of new plant matter on land, while NPP is an annual tally of

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“EU stumbles on the low-carbon road” BBC News

In the BBC News today, I’ve read that that the European Commission was supposed to announce a major step this week in fighting CO2 emissions. The European Commission wanted to regulate the automobile industry that makes up more than 1/5

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Siemens AG and Sustainable Development

In contrast to my former blogs I did not want to miss the opportunity to post at least one positive example in terms of Sustainable Development. Therefore I had a look on different WebPages and considered the Siemens’ page very

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ExxonMobil – changing from an ugly company to a good one?

image source: During our presentation on ExxonMobil today, we talked about an article from The Wall Street Journal discussing the recent shift in ExxonMobil’s attitude – away from denying that climate change is on its way and that it

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Sustainable development and paper industry

In addition to oil companies, another type of “non sustainable business” could have been mentioned in our “good, bad and ugly” presentations. In fact, I am not sure that anybody noticed it yet, but paper industry is really concerning too.

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