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CSR and Ecological Sustainability – the right way

Emerging markets such as China, Korea and India are increasing in their overall income level and therefore capacity to own a car. With this increase comes a higher level of fuel consumption and in overpopulated countries there has been subsequent

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CSR, Core Business and KPIs

Across the world, both private and public sectors are challenged to meet the ever increasing demand in human, financial and physical capital.  Its supply is limited and its allocation must be done in a sagacious fashion.   While documentaries like

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FTSE4good index

A study by Curran and Moran (2007) conducted on companies ‘public profile’ and ‘profitability’ with respect to their inclusion, exclusion and deletion from the FTSE4good index has revealed that; a companies’ inclusion substantially increases both (positive impact), a companies’ exclusion

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CSR Models in Companies

In doing some research for our presentation about CSR today, I came across a wide range of CSR model developed by companies we know and some we know less.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the

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CSR: Not just a recent phenomena

The term ‘corporate social responsibility’ was coined  in 1953 within Howard Bowen’s book; Social Responsibilities of the Businessman (Bowen, 1953). Thus one could be forgiven for believing that it is a recent phenomenon. However, the concept of CSR has a much longer lineage

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