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Price of Beauty

How much does it cost to have well-moisturized skin? A bar of Dove soap costs US$ 1.50 and sometimes less if you buy bulk. Every bar contains a third of moisturizer, so your skin will be smooth, healthy and radiant.

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If we keep doing nothing, you know where we go …

If we keep doing nothing, you know where we go …

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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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Home (FR): We have 10 years left to change

Clic for ENG Trailer Clic for FR Movie (divided into chapters) Clic for IMDB reference Opening in 181 countries on June 5th, 2009 during the World Environment Day (WED) and thanks to the contribution of many luxury brands, this movie

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Desforestation is happening

I realize that the course is long over, but I came across this article that I thought might interest some.   Specifically, it addresses the heated topic discussed at lunch a few weeks ago.  There are some skeptics out there who

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Google teams up with Amazon Tribe – CSR/SD effort

just saw this on CNN ( only English channel we get in Reims ) A great example to follow up on the discussion of this afternoon class about SD and CSR ! Google does it again … they teamed up

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Saving trees in China

Over the last few years China has been importing a massive amount of waste paper. This is being recycled and saving millions of trees along the way. The paper industry in China imported almost 20 million tonnes of paper in

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