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The Sustainability Inequality

  Although this topic was quickly glossed over near the end of our class in day 1 (July 21), I was intrigued by the dichotomy of sustainability between the rich and poor. Prior to any research  conducted, I’ve always had

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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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IOeW – The Institute for Ecological Economy Research

I decided to write about this Institute because of the last case study. During the research we came across Adidas AG, which was evaluated by this institute. Since its establishment in May 1985, the IOeW has been able to extend

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Education in the USA

While watching the movie “an inconvenient truth” I thought about, why American people react how they react, and why politicians are able to say things like “I do not believe in global warming”, without coming across as ridiculous to the

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Annual plan of the program of environmental education in the educational not university system in the Basque Country

As we saw in class the European Program Agenda 21, I thought that it could be interesting to investigate a little bit how it has been launched in my own country. Moreover, in order to foment the Sustainable Development in

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