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A hopeful world

whether you are in New York, Sydney, Paris, Beijing, Moscow or any other cities in this planet, we must act now. We CAN be many but with ONE message.. Let’s make this happen – changes begins from one little step. A

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Eco-friendly tips for home

As a whole, we are all much more conscious of using chemicals in the house and on our skin these days. The cost of buying different products could see our weekly grocery bills skyrocket. Here are few tips to try at

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When playing soccer became a renewable source of energy

Many governments and private organizations around the world are searching for new ways of producing energy. Often, the focus is on renewable energy -energy that comes from natural resources (or natural capital) that are constantly and sustainably replenished. Yet, we

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Reims Summer Footprint

Check out this video I made about you coming to Reims

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