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Big Wind

wind turbines 70 meters tall with blades the length of football field

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Shareholder Responsibility – BP

At the risk of sounding like a certain credit card commercial, I thought it useful to paint a quantitative picture of what the financial analysts and industry commentators have made of the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill so far: Total Costs

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Sustainable development and finance

Sustainable development becomes a reality for the world of finance. Indeed, a growing amount of money is invested in environmental funds. For example, in Europe according to Watson Wyatt, a investment consultants, 15.2 % of net investments in equity funds

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Responsible Investors … You can do it !

The Rockefeller Foundation studied the opportunities to create a social stock Exchange located in United Kingdom . The ethical investors ‘ll can  trade with companies socially responsible.   This initiative is a way to promote sustainable development to the

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Vigeo Group | CSR Audit (in FRA)

–WOW– to be honest, I am not sure we have firms like this in Canada, but the Vigeo Group are, in essence, THE Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) police in France. Vigeo examined ~ 1,500 European, American and Asian companies with

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Socially Responsible Investment

As I am currently following a financial training, and because I’m also really interested in Shares Portfolio Management, I wanted to focus on the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). As you may know, ethic and social responsibility are newly popular trends

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Marketing for or through SD?

Along with the growing alertness for the environment, sustainable development (SD) has become a popular term in the business world, so popular that it even exists in the form of mutual funds. One might think it is actually a good

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