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African Sun for Europe

The plan is to put a huge amount of solar power plants in the Sahara Desert and bring the power into Europe the project would eventually supply Europe with approximately 50% of if energy needs.

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Home (FR): We have 10 years left to change

Clic for ENG Trailer Clic for FR Movie (divided into chapters) Clic for IMDB reference Opening in 181 countries on June 5th, 2009 during the World Environment Day (WED) and thanks to the contribution of many luxury brands, this movie

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Vigeo Group | CSR Audit (in FRA)

–WOW– to be honest, I am not sure we have firms like this in Canada, but the Vigeo Group are, in essence, THE Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) police in France. Vigeo examined ~ 1,500 European, American and Asian companies with

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Sustainably Develop with Nuclear Energy

Ecologists often oppose nuclear as a viable source of energy to ensure our future or to reduce GHG emissions, arguing the nuclear waste and proliferation threats are too dangerous. I feel the nuclear industry, combined with renewable sources of energy,

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Global warming ?? No …

A famous french scientist Claude Allègre wrote in September 2006 an article that lead to a big controversy in France. He was, 20 years ago, one of the first scientists who started to worry about CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

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