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Measuring GPI

Majority of economists today look at country’s GDP to understand its economic well being. However, GDP was never intended to be used in such way.  Criticism for using GDP include that it does not account for the changes in natural

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Hey, folks!! Class is over, but that does not hinder me to bother you with another blog. In class we talked about more appropriate indicators than GDP when it is to evaluate our and our environment’s well-being (like GPI, HDI).

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If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?

In If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?, the authors identify “shifting functions from the traditional realm of household and community to the realm of the monetized economy” as a bogus contribution to GDP growth. They then give

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Measuring the right things means a chance of achieving the right goals

The pundits claim ‘If it isn’t being measured, it isn’t being managed’ (generally attributed to Peter Drucker) and how we have become masters of measuring. We measure everything from sales, return on equity, unemployment, sheep in the national flock, the

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