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Reducing GHGs is not = reducing air pollution

With everyone jumping on the climate change ban-wagon, there seems to be a misconception out there with regards to efforts to reduce GHG (with contribute to climate change) and air pollution (which are different gases emitted or formed in the atmosphere). 

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How climate change effects world health

I found this article on climate change very interessant for few reasons. As we saw in course, the climate change is one of the major problem of our century. This article explains that the climate doens’t move rapidly but it

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North America is facing an epidemic of greed. People constantly succumb to their desire for more – more food, more clothing, more gadgets – without thinking about what these products are made of, how they were manufactured, and from where

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Health Crisis Perspective

CAUSE: Lack of Regulation for Waste Management EFFECT: Here Obvious we see here a scenario where over population leading to abject poverty coupled with a lack of regard for the environment over scores of years has dire consequences. The ultimate

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