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Environmental Impact Assessment of Countries

In our course today we were asked to investigate India’s position in terms of its Ecological Economic Efficiency.  In our research, we stumbled across this recent article put forward by a joint contribution of Harvard, Princeton, Adelaide University and University

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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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India unveils National Action Plan on Climate Change

The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, recently unveiled a National Action plan on climate change. This plan has been strategically designed to promote sustainable development, but without any commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Read this

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Global Food Supply

In this article in MacLean’s Magazine the problem of SD is nicely tied in with the current problems in global food supply. It talks about a couple of (interrelated) issues: 1. An increasing demand for oil – we’re all aware that this

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Lessons from India

Although I will not contradict the evident fact that India has become and now is an ecological disaster, I would like to share some optimistic views about the improvement that the country is currently doing. First, I would like to

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