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Drought problems: not limited to hot countries

It is interesting to consider that drought problems are not restricted to hot countries such as Australia & Africa. Although Ireland has a temperate climate with precipitation levels as high as 750-1000 mm per Annam, drought issues are working their

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Sustainable Development

Further to our discussion today in class, I have found an article (see hyperlink below) on an initiative that the Irish government organisation Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) has taken in Ireland to try and encourage business organisations to review their

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The Rural Environmental Protection Scheme (REPS) was introduced in Ireland as a result of an EU directive to encourage farmers to farm in an environmentally friendly way and to try to reverse the emphasis on intensive farming practices encouraged by

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Governments as Leaders

Over the last week I have definately become increasingly supportive of direct governmnet intervention as a means of improving the level of sustainable developments across industry sectors and society. The Irish government has already demonstrated how real change can be

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