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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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Drought & global concern

Dear everyone, Good evening. As we studied today, Australia has been suffering from the long-lasting severe drought. Actually, I stayed in Brisbene for one month in 2003. I remember that there was the issue of water, but I did not

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Sustainably Develop with Nuclear Energy

Ecologists often oppose nuclear as a viable source of energy to ensure our future or to reduce GHG emissions, arguing the nuclear waste and proliferation threats are too dangerous. I feel the nuclear industry, combined with renewable sources of energy,

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Australia & Kyoto – we’re not that bad…plus Al Gore.

Given Australia actually gets to enjoy an increase in CO2 emmissions to 108%, thought i should find out some more facts to share – as if we are not party to the Kyoto treaty, why have any target? To confirm,

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‘Hasta La Vista, baby’ to greenhouse gases

This article illustrates how in the U.S. individual states do not have to wait for the federal government to instate sanctions to preserve the environment. Florida Governer Charlie Crist has signed an agreement with Britain and Germany to make a

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