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Friday Funnies

Thought it might be good to end the week with some amusing, yet serious clips from the Colbert Report and the Daily Show with John Stewart, two of my favourite news based shows from Comedy Central. Here is Stephen Colbert

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Little changes are less overwhelming

Sustainable Development can be overwhelming for some people and I get cought up wondering what major change I can make in my life to make a difference. Making smaller changes both at work and at home is much easier and in

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Walking the talk

New Zealand government today has issued a law, forcing the retailers to only import bulbs that meet new efficiency standards or face fines of up to $10,000  as of October 2009. Here’s the link to the article. The ultimate goal

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How I was able to cut my electricity bills in half!

I was paying way too much in electricity bills last year in 2006 and I decided to take action. I live in a 1000 square feet (100 square meters) condo in Ottawa Canada with electrical heat. I was paying an

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Does SD really create a competitive advantage?

During one of the class discussions, a popular opinion emerged that suggests consumers are not overly concerned as to whether or not we make Green Choices. Unfortunately, I agree with this sentiment; creating a demand for green products or practices

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