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Big Wind

wind turbines 70 meters tall with blades the length of football field

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African Sun for Europe

The plan is to put a huge amount of solar power plants in the Sahara Desert and bring the power into Europe the project would eventually supply Europe with approximately 50% of if energy needs.

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How long will we continue to undervalue resources

Ecosystem services are the basis for our economic system,  yet we continue to not account for them in the way we price things. Our energy and water is heavily subsidised by ecosystems that we are continuously destroying. Many people find

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Do we really need to think that hard to solve this one??? C’mon!

It’s late and phone sex service is not available, so I decided to reflect on a solution! Subsequent to my reading of the course article entitled “Economic man, cleaner planet”, I became enlightened by the market-based solutions proposed in the

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How you can give value to shareholders and society…

Companies able to tackle issues such as poverty, climate change and population shifts are those most likely to succeed in the future, or so say the World Business Centre for Sustainable Business Development. This YouTube Video outlines views shared by

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??Sustainable development??

Everyone is talking about the environment and pollution, and everyone is thinking about sustainable development, but the question is it really relavent to the business? When you are going to establish a new company, there are shortages for financial resources,

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Creating a demand could solve environment issues!

The debate about what should be done is a silly one! Let’s agree right from the get-go that we need to act on the environment issues (individually and together) and let’s make a plan. The difficulty for the government is

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