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I’ve come across a recent business-related article that may represent an example of biomimicry. The first chapter of ‘Natural Capitalism’ defines biomimicry as ‘reducing the wasteful throughput of materials…by redesigning industrial systems on biological lines’. The example provided later in

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Natural Capitalism in a Robot World?

I recently saw the movie Robots. Since popular culture probably has a bit more of an impact on the real future of our world, that being the younger generation, analysing the messages in this movie can provide some value. Without

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Australian Business Leaders meet Dr. David Suzuki

A few weeks ago, Australian business leaders had the opportunity to gain some powerful insight into sustainable development (SD) and the potential competitive advantages it can bring for businesses. Dr. David Suzuki, a well-known Canadian scientist and environmentalist, visited Brisbane

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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild – a satirical view of Australian ecological economics.

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