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Earth Debt

‘Antique Sunlight’, a term lifted directly from my recent viewing of the 11th hour resonated with me more than any other concept in Leonardo Di Caprio’s ecological wake up plea. We, as a race, are cashing in on previous generations

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I purpose a solution to these problems that some might consider against their religion or downright raciest.

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Turning Water into Oil

This Dilbert comic exaggerates the absurdity of some people when it comes to obtaining sources of energy. Dilbert’s boss couldn’t be serious about wanting to turn water into oil. As Dilbert points out, it would turn the world into an

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A mistake by oil producers may be what SD needs

My firm belief is that the oil producers have made a serious business mistake in setting their prices so high. Their mistake is exactly what the Sustainable Development movement needs. There are articles all over the world indicating a sudden

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no oil new money?

Last summer, I was reading the book The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel by Stephen Leeb, Ph.D. and it really got me thinking of the way we live and use petroleum to

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