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UN Trends about sustainable development

I recently found the 2008-2009 UN report on the trends on sustainable development ( This reports talks about agriculture, rural development, land, desertification and drought as major trends in this field. The report states as agriculture is key to poverty reduction.

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How you can give value to shareholders and society…

Companies able to tackle issues such as poverty, climate change and population shifts are those most likely to succeed in the future, or so say the World Business Centre for Sustainable Business Development. This YouTube Video outlines views shared by

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The End of Poverty – Jeffery Sachs

Yes Yes I know class has finished but I had a sneaky suspicion that you would come back for at least one more look at the collective thoughts and enlightened posts from your class mates, and by being the last

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Base of the Pyramid: Sustainable Business from the Bottom up

In his article “Base of the Pyramid: Sustainable Business from the Bottom up” Robert S. Katz discusses the emerging concept of social entrepreneurship. The idea behind this concept is to build profitable businesses that can fulfill essential requirements, while generating

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Family and Sustainable Development and the Example of China

While poverty reduces family cohesion and values, equally prosperity may itself accentuate work-life tensions, for instance the stress of career parents in taking care of children all highlight the complexity of the links between sustainable development and families Key Note

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