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African Sun for Europe

The plan is to put a huge amount of solar power plants in the Sahara Desert and bring the power into Europe the project would eventually supply Europe with approximately 50% of if energy needs.

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New study published today says that 93 percent of CEOs see sustainability as important to their future success – no kidding? So why aren’t they executing sustainability?

A new report on sustainability and based on a survey of more than 750 CEOs and indepth interviews with 50 of the CEOs was published today by the United Nations Global Compact and Accenture. This study called A New Era of

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IOeW – The Institute for Ecological Economy Research

I decided to write about this Institute because of the last case study. During the research we came across Adidas AG, which was evaluated by this institute. Since its establishment in May 1985, the IOeW has been able to extend

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USA reduces budgets drastically

Last weekend I read a really shocking article at the Herald Tribune about drastic savings in the US research, and that is why I wanted to post here although this class is already completed. In addition to the fact that

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Renewable resources and other sites

Hi everyone! I just wanted to refer to a few sites incase you (hopefully 🙂 stay interested even after class. 1.EUROPA / European Union Stratedy for Sustainable Development 2. EcoEarth 3. The Renewable Resource Data Center 4. Agriculture News 5.

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