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Some Climate Change Satire from Australia

These youtube clips are from a tv show ‘The Gruen Transfer’ that has a segment called ‘the pitch’ that looks at selling the ‘unsellable’. Here are a few of the ‘pitches’ related to climate change. Gruen Transfer ‘selling global warming’ Gruen Transfer

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Sustainability Curriculum

I have been involved with the consultation and initial implementation phases of the new Australian Curriculum over the past few years. Sustainability is one of 3 cross curricular priorities in the new curriculum. The cross curriculum priorities are embedded in

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Green GDP

In our presentation today we touched on India looking at as part of their GDP measurement measuring the impact on the environment. A committee has been set up in New Delhi to try and have a Green GDP in place

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First SD Blog

Having never blogged before, this is my first stab at it. Initial Thoughts I found today’s class interesting as it showed thru the video and class presentations the impacts, extremities and realities of a world as a result of varying

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Language around climate debate and social networking

Hi all, I’m going to start to by relating some of the conversations being had around the climate change issue in particular about carbon price in Australia. I’m sure there are similar discussions being had in all of your countries

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