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A Litre of Light – making a solar light bulb from a PET bottle

This is an effective and cheap way some people are lighting their houses using recycled PET bottles, some water and a little bit of bleach. Imagine what this can do for people that cannot afford, or simply do not have

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Earthship: a new way to live

Michael Reynolds is an American architect based  New Mexico known for the design and construction of eartship. He is a proponent of “radically sustainable living”. He has been a critic of the profession of architecture for its failure to deal

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Earth Debt

‘Antique Sunlight’, a term lifted directly from my recent viewing of the 11th hour resonated with me more than any other concept in Leonardo Di Caprio’s ecological wake up plea. We, as a race, are cashing in on previous generations

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A government initiative that could be effective

Following is a news that I got this very morning : China promises solar power subsidies in effort to develop clean energy industry In light of yesterday’s discussion where Jian was proposing government’s deep pocket could be effective to

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Googleplex goes solar

Google recently installed 8300 solar panels on roof tops of eight buildings and solar carports at headquarters office in Mountain View, California. Google has set a goal of creating 50 megawatts of new renewable energy-generating capacity by 2012. This 1.6

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