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Acciona is spanish company which has been awared for its good practices for the sustainaibility. It was one of firts companies in spain which focus in sustainability, In these days is also famous for buying a 10% of Endesas Shares.

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P&G and saving water practices

As I said before in spain is a big problem, so the companies are also involved in helping to save water. One of the best practice for me was the one of P&G with ariel. This year they made a

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In spain is an important problem, every summer the south cities, and villages and the villages which are in the coast suffer water restritctions. The south rivers also suffer important droughts. In addition there a lot of tourism in that

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Annual plan of the program of environmental education in the educational not university system in the Basque Country

As we saw in class the European Program Agenda 21, I thought that it could be interesting to investigate a little bit how it has been launched in my own country. Moreover, in order to foment the Sustainable Development in

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Vitoria-Gasteiz, Project in Vancouver 2006

Download file Here is the inform about this project, it is also available at the enviromental center web site

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