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Greenpeace Electronics OEM Sustainability Rankings

As I mentioned today in class every year Greenpeace publishes a report into the sustainability of some of the world largest electronic products companies. As in previous years, the 2009 edition is also extremely interesting to read. The report essentially

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Creating that Competitive Advantage

Hey all, In today’s class we learned about the problems we face in society, especially as we consume our precious resources.  I find this topic very interesting especially when it comes to competitive advantages. For instance, in the Department of

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An example of CSR: FaberCastell

Hello everybody, this is my first post in a blog and I hope that I won’t any mistake. I don’t know if you liked the film, we watched this afternoon on climate change and sustainability, but I found it quiet

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Supplier commitment

I found an article outlining how Peugot are trying to ensure that their suppliers follow the same guidelines as them with regard to sustainable development. For me it is good to see a large company that can exert some power

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