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Worst man made disasters in the USA

This site has some sobering reading – examples of how corporations can fail in their duty to the communities and environments in which they inhabit. It does raise the question – what do we do when the market fails? The

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Environmental Impact Assessment of Countries

In our course today we were asked to investigate India’s position in terms of its Ecological Economic Efficiency.  In our research, we stumbled across this recent article put forward by a joint contribution of Harvard, Princeton, Adelaide University and University

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Education in the USA

While watching the movie “an inconvenient truth” I thought about, why American people react how they react, and why politicians are able to say things like “I do not believe in global warming”, without coming across as ridiculous to the

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Are we good citizens?

We all know that the Planet is going through an important ecology crisis. Just to give you some concrete examples : – global average temperatures have increased from 13.7oC to 14.3oC in the last 100 years – frequency of extreme

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Office Towers Use Ice to keep buildings Cool this summer New York City – USA uses Innovation to keep office buildings and apartments cool while also saving on electrical consumption and costs! This could prove to be a more efficient and cost effective means on staying cool for large

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Kyoto’s Protocol

While we where doing our study case about «Droughts in Australia », I founded some information that said that Australia along with the United States refuses to sign Kyoto’s Protocol, and it fills me with a big curiosity of “why?”.

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A Change of Values is required in North America

There seems to be a dichotomy with respect to behaviours of individuals in North America that have an impact on the environment. According to Linda Derksen and John Gartrell, western societies have a concern for the environment , but on

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