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African Sun for Europe

The plan is to put a huge amount of solar power plants in the Sahara Desert and bring the power into Europe the project would eventually supply Europe with approximately 50% of if energy needs.

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The big business of the recycling industry

Hi. This is a post I wanted to make already a few days ago. Because I read an article about a big recycling plant in Germany which is that huge and innovative that there is not enough waste in Germany

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“floating homes”

Hallo everybody, today in the morning we talked about the consequences of global warming like for example the rise of water surface which will make a lot of people in India homeless. In this moment I remembered an idea I

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Recycling and competitive advantage

Hello everyone, some days ago I discovered a report about the exploding prices of recycable waste in German TV. It really surprised me, when I heard that the price for glas, paper, metal or even toxic waste – newly referred to

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German industry sabotages climate protection!?

I found some interesting news on “”, a German environmental homepage. It refers to the coming EU climate survey and says that it is almost too late for climate protection. If the temperature rises by 2.2 degrees, there will be

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